Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kobra - First Bite's So Nice, Had to Try It Twice!

If Eduardo Kobra lived up to his last name, it might be worth it to get bit by his venom.  Twice.

M&F already posted initial pics of Kobra's mural on La Brea.  But the artwork is so spectacular, that it deserves a return feature with a deeper view.

Seriously incredible talent displayed here on many levels.

It is interesting to note that this actual mural was painted on the building itself.  There were actually plywood pieces attached to the wall, and this mural was painted on top of those.  So, theoretically, this mural could be removed from the wall.  What's underneath?  Kobra's previous mural, featuring a colorfully stylized Mt. Rushmore, is still riding underneath this one.

Click the jump for more pics of Kobra's color laden plaid Einstein.

***Big thanks to kells_bells1_ru for sending in the top pic!***

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