Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some Artists Get Offered Walls, Other Artists Have to Claim Them

Once you reach a certain status in the art world, some artists start to get offered walls.  It is usually a compliment based on the skill or reputation the artist has built.

Other artists don't get offered walls.  They don't get offered walls, so they have to claim them.  In general, the art might not be as detailed, but the unsanctioned stuff is far more exciting.

Here is a great example of the clash of cultures.  Down below, murals from Cyrcle, Yoskay Yomomato, and Dabs Myla ride strong.  Meanwhile, up above on the rooftop, organic graffiti bombs from Phels, Dsok and Bust(?) are fighting to hold onto their spots, as the Phels pieces says beside it 'Fuck the Buff!'.

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