Thursday, September 19, 2013

THIS is Museum Quality Graffiti

This is not Chris Brown painting again on an acid trip.  THIS is museum quality graffiti.

This building front was painted by Kenny Scharf, one of Jeffrey Deitch's darlings.  Scharf was one of a handful of honored graffiti artists showcased in MOCA's 2011 groundbreaking Museum Exhibit 'Art in the Streets'.  Clearly, Scharf was chosen because of heavy instrumental stylistic influence on the graffiti and street art worlds, combined with his stunning artistic skill.

Shit.  Enough sarcasm.  In M&F's professional opinion, this wall provides a prime example of why graffiti in museums sucks compared to real graffiti on the streets.  If you think that this wall is better than what's on the streets then Jeffrey Deitch also has some ocean front property in Arizona to sell you. The true art is on the streets, not in museums.

Stay up, Los Angeles~

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