Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Anyone Else Suffering from Banksy Burn-Out?

Banksy's 16 days in New York have been nothing less than a roller coaster thrill ride.  It has been awesome, but it is also exhausting staying up to date on all the Banksy madness.  Even though its only half way through the month, M&F is suffering from a bit of Banksy burn-out.

Its not from being burnt out on Banksy.  Not at all.  We are fuckin' loving this adventure.  Its more like when you eat a delicious meal, and you've gorged, but its so god damn good that all you want is more.  That's what this one has been.  Yes, we are feeling a bit burn out on all the Banksy hype--and bring on what's next cause we are ready!

Check out the pic above if you think the dude spotted at the warehouse might be Banksy.  And click below for a random sampling of all Banksy's action in New York!

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