Thursday, October 17, 2013

Banksy is the Greatest Artist of This Generation - #TeamHeroes

Banksy is the greatest artist of our time.  Forget about Jeff Koons and his balloons.  Forget about Damien Hirst and his falling apart sharks.  Banksy is the single greatest artist of this generation.

Not only is Banksy aesthetically a talented, like other big name artists, but Banksy goes beyond. Banksy is a master at manipulating the public.  It is never clear how the public is going to react to a Banksy piece, but it is always clear that there will be some strong reactions.

Banksy's art is so powerful that it forces people to choose sides.  Banksy vs. NYPD. Team Banksy or Team Robbo. Team Vandal vs. Team Preservationist.  The Bad Guys and the Good Guys.  Well, this post goes out to #TeamHeroes.  These are the people who did not stand by. These are the people who stepped up today and took action on the streets, instead of standing by and let a Banksy get defaced.  And then, the lovers of art who stepped up to preserve Banksy's art before the damage became permanent.  In a way, these citizens actually helped create this Banksy piece.

Has a Koons or a Hirst ever affected the public to this effect?  Exactly.

Boom.  These are the action takers.  These are the star players.  The difference makers.  The ones who dare to make a stand for what they believe in.

#TeamHeroes.  Stay up!

^The take down, apparently the hater dude didn't get knocked out, just thrown down.

^These guys on Team Hero grabbed the hater first.

^Team restoration.  Hell yea.  Apparently, the paint remover removed the vandal's tag and the Banksy piece, so these guys are actually reshaping Banksy's original Geisha based on a cell phone picture.

Great job guys!

^The finished restored and (semi)-protected product being enjoyed.

^And this dude has been restoring some of Banksy's other pieces, placing another flower on Banksy's Twin Towers piece after the original flower was taken.

Hmm.  That flower sure looks like the original.  Could this guy possibly be professional Team Restoration?

Either way, keep on grindin'~

#TeamHeroes.  Stay up!

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