Thursday, October 17, 2013

Banksy - Where is My Passport?

Yup.  Its happened too many times to be pure coincidence--the 'Where is My Passport' stencils appear to also be from Banksy--or someone from Banksy's crew.

The exact same stencil has been placed next to nearly every single Banksy street piece. Coincidence?  We think not.  We think that this is another attempt by Banksy to include subtle political messages near his art.

To be clear, the style of the Passport stencils is different from Banksy's current work.  But we also believe that was done puporefully to disguise the work.  Just like Banksy has pointed out time and time again, beauty and value is in the eye of the beholder, and even if some inherent value is present in art work, sometimes that gets overlooked.  Like with these passport stencils.  Its like getting lost in the forrest and missing the rest of the trees.

M&F was the first to call it, and as far as we know the only ones to pick up on these small clues nearby Banksy's pieces. This is what we do all day everyday, notice the key little shit on the streets.  So keep an eye out New Yorkers--you might be overlooking a Banksy while you are standing right next to a Banksy!


  1. Sorry, but you are incorrect - the "Where is my Passport stencils are being posted by a woman named Diane Gatterdam - she's been spraying them everywhere Banksy does to attempt to draw more attention to her stencils. I was shooting the Garden truck on St. Mark's Place and she came up and started stenciling - I took photos of her (will be happy to share) - and she was extremely upset that I dared take photos of her and called her out on defacing Banksy's piece.

    1. ^Ah. We were noticing the pattern. Thanks for the heads up and info!