Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Banksy's Broken Hearted Balloon Gets a Full Metal Jacket

Banksy's Broken Hearted Balloon got covered up and protected--behind a full metal covering. The metal hangings protect the art work from further damage, and also the public's enjoyment.

Banksy's Balloon was an interactive fan favorite while it was riding.  And what was left hardly seems worth protecting in this type of manner.  Looks like Omar and all the haters got preserved, behind the metal barriers, as well.

Perhaps the building owner protected the tags because there were internet rumors that the stencil added under Omar's was from Banksy.  It was not. The only Banksy on this wall was the Balloon.

Kind of funny.  The building owner wants to protect the 'valuable' property, but they are not quite sure exactly what that is.

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