Monday, October 7, 2013

Nut Hugger Fame

^This picture circulating the internet today perfectly captures the assholes going after nut hugger fame by tagging over a Banksy.

Perfect.  Some more pictures have also been circulating showing 'Omar's' face, bike, and complete identity.  How much do people want to bet that this Omar fool gets arrested for his tag?  Not because the police give two shits about Banksy, but because the NYPD takes graffiti really seriously, and there is video evidence of this dude tagging in action.  Trust.  Dude's about to get cuffed~

This is not the first time Omar has capped Banksy (see below), but it might be his last.  The knee jerk reaction some people say is that "this is what graffiti does".  Then how come every time a Banksy gets dissed its by some toy clown and not by the serious graffiti heads?  Because.  The serious graffiti heads are making their own fame smashing a city.  They don't need nut hugger fame.

Omar's nut hugger fame has already been buffed off.  Everyone has already forgotten about you, hater. Now you are just the guy who ruined Banksy's balloon before the little girl could get to it.

***UPDATE: Apparently, the pic of the tag removed is just a photoshop.  However, a stencil has been added to the balloon under the defacement, so that it now says 'Omar NYC is a jealous little girl' (pics below).***

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