Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hmmm. . . . What's the Story with Banksy's Brooklyn Heights Twin Towers Piece?

Even though M&F is in Los Angeles, and Banksy is in New York, sometimes we can still break stories.  Like this one here, thanks to M&F Contributor Ry who sent in this story about Banksy's Twin Towers piece in Brooklyn Heights.

The story is this -- Yesterday, when Banksy's Twin Towers piece  got announced on his site, a second location with the same stencil in Brooklyn Heights was spotted in New York.  The 2nd piece was never claimed on Banksy's website, but it sure did seem like the real thing.

Well, today M&F got sent some pictures.  One shows that the Twin Towers stencil in Brooklyn Heights has been riding for at least six days.  And as you can see in the comment above, someone else says that it has been there 6 months.

So what's the story on the Brooklyn Heights Twin Towers piece?  Is it Banksy?  When was it put up?  Are there more undiscovered pieces around the city?

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