Monday, October 7, 2013

Omar NYC is a Small Dicked Asshole

Unfortunately, it was bound to happen, but so soon?

Banksy's Band Aid Balloon Heart got tagged by Omar NYC.  This is just another case of a small dicked asshole trying to cling to Banksy's nuts for a glimmer of fame.  Omar, quit being a dick rider. You are the jerk who ruined something that a lot of people were enjoying, or hoping to.  You are the worst example of humanity.

As a side note, we realize that a lot of people ride bikes in New York, but why is it that every asshole who tags over a Banksy looks like they shit themselves?  Kinda says something about the level that the shit pantsed toy taggers are coming from.

So sad.  And if this was bound to happen, it doesn't say much about the state of humanity in general. Just like the little kid in Banksy's Dumbo video, someone needs to kick this guy in the shins.


  1. Is there a kickstarter to fund a bounty on Omar's stupid head?

  2. Omar has been raping the streets of street art and graffiti way before it was even trendy. He is a thief, sidebuster, no talent bitch, and a shady e-bay pimp. He will probably see all of this as a compliment. You just shined you spotlight on an asshole whole lives for this shit.

  3. He looks older, probably about Banksy's age. Explains his pathetic jealousy and attempts to get attention. Well he got attention, but he isn't going to sell any work. If he had any brains, he could've built on the work without painting on it, and received far more attention and in a positive light. Pathetic piece of garbage.

  4. "Just like the little kid in Banksy's Dumbo video, someone needs to kick this guy in the shins."

    You all should be aiming for his (tiny) balls.

  5. I get that he wants to diss Banksy, but he's not establishing much credibility as a legitimate Graff artist with such a petulant and stupid tagover. Pissing on the Mona Lisa doesn't make you better than Da Vinci.