Thursday, October 17, 2013

NYPD Wants Banksy! -- ***UPDATE - Banksy Responds***

The New York Post just released an article featuring an interview with NYC's Mayor Bloomberg. Bloomberg says that the NYPD cops are going after Banksy with every tool they can.

Check out the article below

This clown is wanted.

The NYPD’s vandal squad is on the hunt for the notoriously elusive graffiti artist Banksy, who has racked up 16 installments across the city — most of them spray-painted on walls — in what he promises will be a monthlong New York “residency.”

Police sources said Wednesday that cops are scrutinizing all the surveillance videos they can find from areas where the guerrilla artist has left his famous wall-art stencils so far during his two-week-plus spree.

“They want to question him in connection with the vandalism,” one law-enforcement source said.

“If they catch him, he will be charged with vandalism.”

Mayor Bloomberg on Wednesday echoed that sentiment, calling Banksy a vandal, not an artist.

***UPDATE: Banksy responded to this article this morning with a quote saying "I don't read what I believe in the papers."***


  1. This is a classic example of the government not understanding what is going on. I actually traveled from across the country to view the work, I have poured thousands of dollars into the economy in the three days that I have been here. And what has it cost to cover the paintings, mere hundreds.
    Once again New York Police Department and the Mayor have much better things to do that pursue an artist who paints on the walls of the streets.

  2. Our tax dollars at work...the wrong ways!

  3. they are not looking for him...NYPD would never waste time like that. Its all make public believe that something is being done