Monday, October 14, 2013

Today is Columbus Day, But Not Everyone is Celebrating

Today is Columbus Day, but not everyone is celebrating.

Bandit got up along a freeway in Southern California with a new piece aimed at questioning Columbus Day as a National Holiday.

Bandit got up with two separate pieces.  One is a banner of an Indian on horseback discovering two teepee's on fire.  It says '9/11 - 10/12??? Fourteen Hundred Ninety Two . . . . Indians, He Spared a Few'.  Bandit says it is meant to show how Columbus slaughtered and tortured Indians when he discovered America.

The other banner shows two teepee's on fire and the 'Never Forget' tagline is meant to compare what happened to the Indians when Columbus arrived was kind of like a terrorist attack.

Apparently, these pieces struck a nerve with the authorities, and they were taken down by the police an hour after being posted.

Click the link for more pics


  1. Posting anything over a freeway in Orange County is not going to last long. If you're going go for longevity, pasting it on that sign would have been a better move.

    1. Stay tuned in November my friend...that was just a warm up.