Thursday, October 10, 2013

Wikileaks Links to MELROSEandFAIRFAX

Yesterday, Wikileaks tweeted a link to M&F.

When we first heard the news, it was a strange feeling.  This was nothing that we ever hoped for or imagined, but once it happened, it seemed like something that we have always wanted.  It was like accomplishing a life goal that you never knew existed. Boom.  Take that, bucket list~

M&F has been linked to by many of the top news organizations in the world before, but this time is different.  Why is this a big deal?  Because, in a similar way to other stories that have been posted on M&F, it is a great honor when the ones you look up to notice what you are doing and support you for doing it.

Thanks, Wikileaks.

And then came the fear . . . .

When someone that the US government is watching closely notices you, well, then it becomes pretty certain that the government is about to start noticing you, too.

Within an hour after Wikileaks linked to M&F, all the digital devices linked to our IP address started freezing, or creeping to a halt.  Multiple devices, and it has never happened like this.  Now today, the next day, the devices run better than before.  Yes, M&F believes we've been hacked (and thanks for fixing the bugs, NSA).

Followers of M&F know that M&F remains engaged with the world of politics and constantly tries to provide a strong progressive voice, whenever those politics collide with the world of street art.  Because we follow what is happening, we already know that the US government is recording literally every single digital communication (phone calls, emails, web browsing, etc).  And because we have documented first hand how cutting edge journalist like Michael Hastings was silenced by a suspicious car wreck, we know that it is smart to be nervous.  Of course, we don't think that anything like what happened to Hastings would happen to M&F.  Hastings knew things that the government didn't want to get out. M&F just reports on what does get released. Different ball game.

Still, with that said, M&F would like to publicly state that in no way, is no one associated with this blog suicidal, have thoughts of hurting themselves, or plans to drive our at 80+ mph through neighborhood streets.  Also, M&F is pretty open about being pretty perverted, so it would be pretty hard to shame those around here (another pretty common government tactic).  Just sayin'.  When its all said and done, it does make us nervous knowing that the government is watching (and has probably hacked our computers).

Still, with that said, if there's a line to be drawn, we are proud that it is clear which side M&F is on. M&F will remain a voice that dares to speak truth to power.  M&F supports the progressive ideals of making this world better for the people, the animals, and the environment, not the corporations, the governments, and the ones hurting people and the earth.

Stay up, Los Angeles!~

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