Friday, October 29, 2010

Free Humanity Gets Highest

^Free Humanity monkey'n up the pole

Free Humanity has long demonstrated the dedication to get up big, get up everywhere, and get up highest in Los Angeles.

Free put those skills on display in front of a large crowd at the Marxist Glue show when he put up a massive sticker combo 15 feet up on a pole on 2nd street.

At first, Free and Koffinz teamed up with Free standing on Koffinz' shoulders. But when the reach wasn't quite high enough, Free launched himself up the pole, shimmying it monkey style.

Really cool stuff to see. Stickers in the combo from Free Humanity, Koffinz, Bankrupt Slut, Unseen, Hate, Veinz, Sneak One, Orale, Limit RXI GND, Justin Kees and a few more.

Nomade and Mear One slaps to the right.

Stay up~


  1. free mustve dominated the rope climb in gym class

  2. just mad sk8n my whole and jumping fences

  3. hahahahaha and he used to call me mogli!