Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Supreme Street Campaign

Supreme over Skullphone, clipping Destroy All Design, and above Bankrupt Slut

Supreme over KH no. 7

Supreme over Kai

A new street campaign for Supreme has hit the streets of Los Angeles.

It features a skateboarder riding over a Police car, wearing some Nike (Dunk?) High Supreme SB's.

We dig these posters, and Supreme, but it is always a shame to see corporate ad campaigns go over legitimate artists. Especially right now when there are so many blank boxes after two weeks of rain.

We have been told that corporations want to gain street cred. Supreme is as street as it gets. But maybe they have been spending too much time on the North Face and not enough in the alleys and have forgotten that going over is not what gets a name. It would be great to see Supreme take the lead and hit the streets in a way that respected art. (and it would only seem to benefit the add campaign as stuff would last much longer)

Now anyone know where we can get one?

***Lol, apparently we struck a sore nerve with some viewers with this post. We have received a few comments, but the comments are so flaming that they are not worth posting. This blog welcomes discussion, and even dislike, but pure dickishness will be kept out~

As for the points that were raised, of course we recognize what Supreme brings to street culture. And yes, the photographer that took the photo is an incredible artist. The shot is beautiful and ballsy. The posters look great. Love it. That's why we want one. These posters are awesome and the streets are just made better with them.

The difference between these posters and 'a legitimate artist' is the difference between someone trying to put out pure art, and someone trying to sell something. Obviously, those lines blur and overlap sometimes, and this is a great example-this is art trying to sell something. That's great. We can appreciate it as such and dig it.

What we don't like from corporate campaigns is the deliberate attempt to go over other street art in the process of getting up. We have heard firsthand that many companies instruct the street teams to directly go over art. We have seen empty walls with one piece on it, and the corporate ad will go right on top of that one, and over hand painted artwork. We feel this is bad form and unnecessary. There is no difference between Slick's doing this or Supreme's or anyone else's.

And yes, Melrose and Fairfax is the mecca of Los Angeles street art and culture-isn't that why Supreme is based right here?

If someone thinks we are slighting Supreme, they clearly must not follow the blog. MELROSEandFAIRFAX loves Supreme~

Stay up

***We love all forms of street art, but feel that it is best when the art respects the surroundings. Get up without going over. Simple as that***


  1. great photo makes for an even better poster. love supreme and that floating bowl.... makes me salivate and twitch whenever i see it. you got to find your own spots though shame to see other art covered up when theres so much empty boring space elsewhere.

  2. So going over other peoples shit is cool then? I'm confused.