Sunday, October 31, 2010


Hand. Eat. Face.

American flag.

Write her name.

(on the left) Do you know me yet? Just sent your eyes. And(on the right), You will lose and lose. Don't stop. One day you will win.

Cut off your hurt. It hurts better.

^My Father Can Hear This

Gregory Siff has been gracing the streets of Los Angeles with colorful, clever art.

Not only is Gregory a street artist, he is also an actor playing the lead role in a film on Vincent Van Gogh.

And his art work has been exhibited in many shows and galleries.

If you are a fan of Gregory's art work (like we are) you should check out these links to find out more.

Gregory Siff with Interview Magazine

Gregory Siff Art Link

painT (the movie)

Gregory's Past Art

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