Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oh Shit! Now You Fucked Up!!

There are some walls you just don't touch--and especially when the owner wants the art on the building. The buffman fucked up by taking down this particular piece on Fairfax that featured some of the top graffiti and street artists in the world, especially since they took the fence down and broke an entering to get in. Click the jump for more

We have covered this piece many, many times and mentioned how it is hands down our favorite wall ever.

And today, a private company named Graffiti Control Systems came to this wall on Fairfax and forced an entering by taking the fence off its hinges, and then starting to paint over over the wall. People noticed and called the police and the building owner, who came over and chased the workers off the wall. Unfortunately, most of the wall was ruined by that time.

The wall featured amazing work from Retna, Revok, Saber, Os Gemeos, Rime, and Norm.

We really hope that there is a severe smack down in this case. Graffiti and street art are really being embraced in a new way by society, and in this situation here, the real criminals are the buff men.

Top picture sent into us by Kevin, and the rest of the pictures were taken from LA TACO. To read a more thorough and comprehensive coverage that raises some really good points, make sure to check out the articles on LA TACO and Revok.


  1. Bunch of dumbasses.

  2. I smell a lawsuit.

    WHo the fuck do these "graffiti system control" people think they are?

    Sounds like its time to find out their location and bomb the shit out of it! Is anyone with me? Give them a call and let them know we are coming!

    7260 Atoll Ave
    North Hollywood, CA 91605
    (818) 503-8240

  3. Noooooo still wall was the shit!

  4. It's getting plenty of coverage. Hopefully it is a catalyst for enlightened public sentiment about art in public places.

    I'm listening to The Clash - Guns of Brixton right now..yum.

  5. I HOPE I find that truck parked on the side of the road tonight!..

  6. I guess this clears up Smears legal woes.