Monday, April 23, 2012

Animalistic Politicians

A fresh round of Mysterizzo pastes have hit the streets of Los Angeles. For those who don't know, this guy on the posters is Robert Rizzo, former city manager of Bell. Rizzo was the alleged ringleader of a political scheme that almost drove the city of Bell into bankruptcy. Rizzo has been charged with misappropriating public funds, conflict of interest, falsifying public documents, and secreting public documents. And this chase is personal, as Animal in Man says that his family was personally affected by Rizzo's treachery. On this piece, Rizzo is dressed up in ridiculous make up, like a clown.


  1. way to represent Animal in Man!!! love it!

  2. Thats awesome!! U just googled Mysterizzo and Animal In Man and some song by Dead Prez comes on!! Rizzo fits right into that song!..

  3. Thanx for the exposure and accuracy on the story M&F, and TEACHER thanx for the support!. We as artist have the power to expose and publicize these animals for whom and what they really are. To Anon, was a focal point of my inspiration. "If the system doesnt make an example of him.....I will".

    -Animal In Man

    1. Yeeeeeaaaahhhh!! Keep up the great work!! Wish more street artists could be like you.

  4. Way to bring it

    - Toolz

  5. Hes a cool dude I just met him this weekend,Good stuff. His Joker Rizzo is rad also.