Friday, April 27, 2012

Graffiti Saved My Life

Stickers getting stuck on Melrose with slaps from Vyal, Aware, Bankrupt Slut, Branded, Sprouts, and many more.


  1. Sprouts you get up way to much with the same image, get some new shit ready come on man!

    1. oh my poor must not get out very much, if you are making this comment and are solidifying it here online... But if you maybe would educate yourself and "Read Some Books" or be more of a individual and aware yourself with your surroundings you would see that this little sprouts guy is everywhere you look and that this isnt his only get up.. just because i dont do like everyone you may be a fan of and attach my name to every design or thing i make doesnt mean its not there. Just open your eyes my friend and you will see all that sprouts embeds in your mind to help individuals as yourself out. But thank you for noticing how much i get my dude up. maybe according to your standards people like Saber, Risk and many other hard hitters should change their name or get up every month so you dont get bored seeing it?? By the way if youd like to see more of what sprouts has to offer, leave your address and ill send you a nice lil package for you to enjoy...Thanks again for acknowledging how much i get up..i thought thats what the point was!