Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Oldest Mr. Brainwash Sticker Ever?!

Brand new, never before seen Mr. Brainwash sticker discovered! A brand new, never before seen Mr. Brainwash sticker was discovered at an old gas station on Beverly. It has got to be one of Mr. Brainwash's earliest stickers, and the image captures his first love, video. This design has never been spotted before, on the streets, or not even in his and Banksy's documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. Even the material of the sticker is different from MBW's later vinyl slaps. And this sticker really demonstrates how MBW's style has changed and developed over the years. This must have been riding for years on years. It feels kind of like an archeologist unearthing an old classic piece like this. Dig it. Stay up~

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