Monday, November 12, 2012

Exploring Melrose from the Inside Out (& Breaking Into Buildings)

M&F was exploring Melrose, and accompanied by Snyder, when we came up upon a graffiti yard where the gate out front had been ripped down.  Once inside the yard, we noticed that the inside of the building itself was open with doors and windows open.  It seemed as though it might have been abandoned, and Snyder and M&F ventured on to explore the innards of the gutted building.

It was really cool standing on the 2nd floor looking out at the familiar streets of Melrose from a completely unfamiliar view.  It felt like an old house.  And private.  Snyder mentioned how awesome it would be to live in a spot like this.  

On the way out we noticed that the power box had been ripped apart and the copper wire had been stolen, which was most likely why gate was ripped down and the door was open.

Click the link for the tour.

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