Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Everybody Loves Snyder (Even the the Animal Kingdom!)

Snyder is a street art fan favorite in Los Angeles.  Snyder's art work is appreciated and admired by folks from all walks of life and all different ages.

Even the animals love Snyder.  You will notice in all M&F's action pics of Snyder that Shasta is always near Snyder and smiling.  And even though Iggy the cat is skittish, Snyder is one of the only visitors that she always rushes out to visit.  Animals respond to energy, and clearly Snyder is putting out some good vibes that the 4-legged friends pic up on.

So we have witnessed Snyder's popularity among people and power over the animal kingdom, but it was still surprising to see the behavior of these pigeons on the street when Snyder put his new Valentine's Day piece up.  It was like the birds were Snyder's street fan club!

The birds kept swooping down in mass right in front on Snyder's mural.  And then they would cross the street and all line up on the side of the building as if they were looking straight at the mural.  They would sit for a minute, then the whole process would begin again.

Haha, dig it.  Even the animal kingdom enjoys Snyder's street art~

Click the jump for a full pictorial run down of the action

^Here are the birds lined up to check it out.

^And here are pics of the swoop down in front of the mural.

The building where the pigeons are sitting is just to the left of the frame where Snyder is looking.  The pigeons have a direct look at this piece.

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