Monday, February 18, 2013

Teacher - Peace Through Paint Spray Cans (UPDATED!)

Teacher is the 'King of Innovation', and here is another new item, Teacher's Peace Through Paint Spray Cans.

Lots of artists have done custom spray cans, but Teacher takes that a step further but attaching a 3d spray coming out to look like a heart.  Dig the attention to detail and how each tip has the same color as the heart added to it.

Teacher plans to recycle used cans of paint and every so often place these Peace Through Paint cans in the street.

***UPDATED - New pic added with a new design.  Click the link to check it out!***


  1. i echo the words of M+F.....teach takes the work yet to another level, one step at a time.... NOW WHERE DO I GET MINE?! LOL!

  2. great design.I will try this with my paint sprayer.