Thursday, April 4, 2013

Hanksy - A Joke With No Punchline

A new Weird Al Yankovic themed wheat paste from New York based Hanksy.

M&F has posted some of Hanksy's previous work, and mentioned how the celebrity-pun themed pieces feel more like a joke than a piece of art.  Well, on this new round of street art pieces, Hanksy has left of the names of the pieces, leaving the 'art' on its own.  So what the viewer is left with is a joke without a punchline.


  1. That's because he got arrested while putting it up Weird Gal Yankovic.

  2. Stayed tuned for the biggest punfight in history. @Mrpunwash

  3. That's an unfortunate welcome to LA, to be arrested while pasting up. I agree his work is more joke based, but somehow I see art in that when he's consistent with his themes and look.

  4. One may entertain with art
    it doesn't hafta be political
    it doesn't needta be spiritual