Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Old Home Gets a New Paint Job

This is the front side of the old apartment building in Miami where M&F used to live, and this is the spot where M&F fell in love with graffiti and street art.

In the decade since living here, the building has gotten some new paint jobs, both at the Cuban restaurant next door and also around the entrance to the apartment buildings.

This building used to be bare except for some ever-present graffiti tags on the door, and even though it looks different, seeing it sure brings back memories.  For instance, see the 6 inch ledge below the 2nd story windows?  Well, one day Shasta decided she wanted out--of the window upstairs.  When we returned home Shasta was walking that 6 inch ledge back and forth below the windows.  And that hallway . . . Geez, you can almost smell the cat piss and mildew from here.

Its good to visit back in Miami, but its even better to come home to Los Angeles~

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