Friday, April 26, 2013

Alec Monopoly Paints Scrooge McDuck

Alec Monopoly is painting different characters other than the Monopoly Man, although the content is still classic cartoon characters.  Like Richie Rich, and also this Scrooge McDuck mural on Melrose.

Click the jump for more pics of the mural--and a gratuitous shot of the combo on the stop sign out front.


  1. So I'm just wondering if this guy does anything of his own or just appropriates all his images? The Monopoly Man, Richie Rich, Bob Marley, Jimi Hendrix, ETC. Hard to believe he gets so much hype when all I see is a hack who is bound to get sued for copyright infringement.

  2. Alec is the poor man's Mr. Brainwash. Him and Free Humanity have been following in MBW's footsteps for years.

    1. And Mr. Brainwash is the poor man's Andy Warhol.... What's your point?

      I don't like the kid, I'm the first one to say it... But at least he TRIES (somewhat) to do different pieces, as opposed to MBW who just got famous by ripping off and replicating Warhol's entire style and method.

      As far as Free goes... I've never seen one piece by him that so much as resembles MBW. Again, not a big fan of his work... But to call it a ripoff of Brainwash just doesn't make any sense.

      BTW- Brainwash has been following in Banksy's footsteps for years. That's the only reason anyone knows who he is. So, again... What's your point??

  3. MBW was a art photographer who travel years following street artist all over Europe an America filming Who became an artist he's a Con. watch banksky documentary. "Exit the gift shop " Bsnsky pretty much explains how MBW is An idiot who hired people to do everything unlike Bsnsky does he's own work from art an pop up art he shows how easy it is for someone to get in the art world with out any experience. It's a joke how MBW became famous. He's a copy cat of Banksky and Shepard Fairly from obey. MBW did a big No No in the street art community by putting up one of his art pieces over Shepard Fairly art work. If you ask me if burn every piece of MBW Fresca asses art.