Monday, April 8, 2013

Los Angeles Freeway Graffiti - Bombs and Tags Riding in 2013

M&F has been spending more time on the freeways of Los Angeles recently, and been able to capture shots of the action that is happening around town.

Here is a huge series of 15+ pictures of freeway bombs and tags around Los Angeles.  Many different locations and many different artists all compiled together in this one feature.

Also including a few gratuitous shots of the 405--it is the most beautiful freeway to get stuck in traffic!

Since the shots were taken from a moving car, they are not the best angles.  But these shots should give an impression of what's happening on the heavily trafficked--and heavily buffed and enforced freeways of Los Angeles.

***Thanks to M&F Contributor Keith for sending in some of these freeway shots***

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