Tuesday, April 9, 2013

LOUDLABS - Find It. Take It. Keep It!

New piece from LOUDLABS--and if size matters, this new work is gigantic!

A massive new hand painted piece from LOUDLABS just hit the streets. Measuring 16 feet by 4 feet this piece is HUGE.

If you've been wanting a piece of street art but been feeling hesitant about taking a piece of street art, this might be for you.  LOUDLABS says that if its from LL, that its free to be taken.  The chase is entitled 'Find it.  Take it.  Keep it.'

Happy hunting!

1 comment:

  1. Took me a good hour to figure out the location.........someone now has prized piece for their wall thats for sure, too bad it wasn't me. As of 8:13 this evening this mammoth piece was harvested. A big shout out to the gentlemen of LoudLabs for their generosity.

    Mohamed S.