Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Street Art and Its Growing Popularity

As street art and graffiti continue to grow and the art forms become more and more popular in society, street artists are starting to get some prime invitation spots like ones they could only have dreamed of before.

Like this building with a custom paint job from Booleep on Glendale.  The art really looks fantastic and compliments the building nicely.  Look forward to more painted structures like this in the future.

However, the question still remains, is graffiti like the broken window theory?  More specifically, does decorating your home with street art make it more likely to get tagged by unwanted graffiti?

Who knows? But it must be noted that this building does have a black beginner's tag on the side. . .


  1. I drive by this all the time. booleep is awesome, great to see her work so prominent!

  2. booleep is by far one of my most favorite artists. Huge heart, massive soul and incredible talent. Cool to see her art in the city

  3. I am the owner of this building and I can say without reservation that I am very happy with this mural. Extra tagging? None (this was my biggest concern too). In fact, that baby tag is our first tag of 2013 (nice timing photog!). It's made my building much more recognizable, and I hear nothing by nice things about the art. I sell real estate here and clients have loved it from the start.