Monday, June 3, 2013

Best Graffiti Piece Wins Award!

Here is a cool thing on a building in downtown Los Angeles.

There are showcase mural areas set aside, and above them it says (in Spanish and English) 'To whom it may concern . . .  Please paint inside the boxes . . . Best piece wins award'.

Very cool.  Great way to channel the momentum of the movement into something positive~

Its going to be a tight contest with amazing work from Vyal One, Kashink and Insta.  Gosh, its going to be difficult to choose.  All 3 artsits come hard.  Each of these current pieces is awesome and each throws down a unique aesthetic.   But if M&F had to make a choice, we would vote Vyal.  The fluid detail this guy can achieve with a spray can is insane.

Click the jump for more close up shots!

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