Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Carlsbad Free (Graffiti) Library

Carlsbad is a rad city for many reasons, one of which is the strong do-it-yourself artist approach to the community.  Like this here.  This is the Carlsbad Free Library, where it is organized on a volunteer basis and the books are all free on a take one/leave one honor system.

Snyder informed M&F that the Free Library is in hot water with the local city officials, who want to shut it down.  The want to shutter the library not because of the books, but because of the graffiti on the side, painted by writers from San Francisco, which brought an element that some city officials do not enjoy.

But even if some city officials don't like it, the citizens of the city itself love it, and it has remained open on a volunteer basis.  And, if successful art is that which gets people to see things in a new way, this library is achieving that goal in more ways than one.

Dig it.  Keep readin'.  Keep writin'.  And stay up!~

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  1. you should move to Carlsbad!!!