Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bradley Manning/Chelsea Manning - Crucified American Hero

Today is the memorial of 9/11.  To honor this terrible day in American history, and as commentary on the current state of freedom and free speech in America, here is a piece from Teacher in support of American values like peace, liberty and justice.

The image shows whistleblower Bradley Manning with arms extended as if on an American cross and wearing a crown of stars instead of thorns.  There are drips of blood dripping down from Manning's crown, as if to show how Manning got crucified for standing up for what he thought was right.  This piece was hand painted by Teacher, using markers and acrylic.  Impressive art work.

The imagery shows how Manning was crucified at his military trial.  It was not a fair trial, and it provided a glaring example of why someone like Edward Snowden would not receive a fair trial either. How unfair was it?  Manning was even prevented from arguing that his major motive for doing what he did was because he believed his actions were for the greater good.

Some people call Manning a traitor, but to the true Americans, Bradley Manning is a real life hero. Which side a person tends to be on depends on whether you think it is some things are wrong for anyone to do, or whether you think it is okay for some people to do wrong things.  Manning was crucified for shedding light on major wrongs that the American military is creating around the world.  It seems a better solution, and a better way to support freedom, would be to stop the atrocities, not prosecute the whistle blower.

It is unfortunate that after his conviction, Bradley Manning announced that he will now be pursuing a sex change and wants to be called Chelsea Manning.  Manning's decision is unfortunate, not because of what he chose, which is fine if Manning wants, but because the circus surrounding Manning sex change took away from the issues raised by his actions and his conviction.  However way Manning chooses to live her life or whatever Manning wants to be called from this point out is beside the point, Manning is already a great American Hero~

On this day in remembrance, it begs the question, when is a whistle blower going to release the files showing that 9/11 was also orchestrated by the government?

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