Saturday, October 19, 2013

Banksy and the Staten Island Ants

Banksy just released today's piece.  Its a video entitled 'Staten Island', but the content of the video itself is a puzzle?

It just shows ants climbing in and out of a hole.  As the camera pulls out, there are lines on the side to suggest the curvature of a human body.  The lines possibly suggest that the ants are crawling out of a vagina?

Is this a teaser and the full look will reveal more?

Click below for a NSFW 'sandy vagina'.

Not sure what this piece is about?


  1. Oh man I have no idea! You may be right. Which is ironic because normally m&f sees everything from the mind of a 15 yr old boy, always turning normal things into doing your mom jokes or masturbation, porn, or vaginas but for once, that is exactly what this looks like huh? Anthill turned vagina? Surely there's more to come.

    Oh and folks will have to take the damn ferry to even try to scout it out!

    Well, banksy doesn't disappoint the masses so we will either see something more and love it, or we will find a way to turn this little video into something we all love right?
    Stay up!

  2. this has got to be something bigger than what is shown in the video

  3. I think this has more to do with Sandy's a**hole than vagina. It looks like a woman bending over.