Thursday, October 3, 2013

Banksy has a Piss Fetish, and Is Getting a Lil' Sloppy

Check it!  Correction.  The peeing dog on a hydrant is Banksy.

It appears that Banksy has somewhat of a pee fetish, and he keeps leaving his mark in different cities like a dog peeing.  Dig it.  The act of pissing to mark territory is an instinctual animalistic element that drives graffiti.  Its like liquid, scent based tagging.

Yesterday, M&F speculated that this was not actually a Banksy.  Not because the style of the stencil or the pee content itself, but because Banksy has done the dog peeing before, and before it was done better.  To be honest, we don't really dig this one.  Its the caption from the fire hydrant--'You complete me'.  What's up with that?  There are plenty of fire hydrants that are not in highly trafficked dog areas and don't get peed on much.  Pee is not necessary for hydrants.  Being generous, even if a particular fire hydrant had a pee fetish, it wouldn't say something like 'you complete me'.  It would be something different and more dirty, like 'Golden Showers drain my secret powers'--lame, we know, but more to the point, right?

Okay. That's not all the drama surrounding this piece.  This piece was confirmed on Banksy's website this morning and dated October 3rd.  However, the piece was actually located on the streets yesterday. This is fueling speculation that Banksy is not out painting new pieces each night, instead, people are wondering if Banksy has already painted all the pieces, and just plans to reveal more.  Are there more Banksy pieces already on the streets of NY?

Not only that, but on this one, Banksy got sloppy.  The hydrant/dog piece was first spotted yesterday, but there was no phone number at first (check out the multiple pics confirming below).  Then, later yesterday some time on the afternoon of October 2, somebody from Banksy's team visited the dog/hydrant and added a phone number linking to Banksy's phone walking art tour.  Not sure why the phone number was left off originally, or why there was overspray on the phone number that was left, a novice mistake. Also, the phone number is listed as #2 even though this is the 3rd piece revealed by Banksy.

Finally, to sum up the action, the dog/hydrant piece has already been tagged by some fame hound (also pictured below).

Anyhoo, in M&F's in-expert opinion, from execution to the message itself, this is not one of Banksy's strongest pieces.  When is Banksy going to bust out the big guns?

UPDATE: Banks(k)y is always poking fun of himself.  If you listen to the audio recording by calling 1-800-656-4271 and pressing #2, you will hear Banksky offer many humorous suggestions about what the dog/hydrant piece might mean.  Perhaps this was meant to be so low brow that it shot under the goal, and onto the hydrant.

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