Friday, October 18, 2013

BanksyNY - Sometimes, Makeshift is Enough

The battle rages on between the Banksy lovers and the Banksy haters in New York.

The other day, this Banksy piece was covered by some makeshift plexiglass.  The plexiglass was only taped over the wall.  Well, it appears that that was enough to preserve this Banksy from any real damage.

Even though the entire thing is painted blue, the paint is on top of the plexiglass, and Banksy's piece still remains intact underneath.

M&F is often torn between letting pieces play out a natural street life, or protecting them.  But in these types of Banksy scenarious when so many haters are aiming at Banksy just for somewhere for their hate to aim, it seems like a good move in these circumstances to take minor steps to protect the pieces.  After all, sometimes makeshift is enough.

Now where's the Banksy Restoration Society to fix this up?

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