Wednesday, October 9, 2013

BanksyNY's Crazy Horse and Collateral Murder

The location to Banksy's latest piece has been revealed, and already throngs of New Yorkers are visiting the site.  Clearly, on an aesthetic level, this piece is a favorite among Banksy's fans.

However, the context of Banksy's mural appears to dig much deeper than pure aesthetics.  The accompanying audio released on BankyNY's website is a clip from Wikileaks Collateral Murder video. In the recording, machine guns are heard, and then US soldiers dismissively discussing the dead, which include a dead child.  The Collateral Murder video was just one part of the files that Bradley Manning leaked from the US military.  Manning was found guilty by a slanted military trial, and Manning has been the subject of previous street art pieces here in Los Angeles.

Banksy's newest piece presents a darker side of battle.  This is also an interesting juxtaposition compared to Banksy's earlier released video, which showed warfare from an insurgents point of view.

Also, notice Banksy's attention to detail, like the way he stenciled 'Both Barrels' onto both barrels.

A heavy hitting piece in many ways, and many different levels from Banksy.

Click the jump for a HUGE pictorial look at this piece--from both sides of the fence.  (Fuck yeah! Dig the LA tag on the fence out front! And Banksy would probably dig the shot of the dog pissing on the piece!)

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  1. "Darker side of battle"? What kind of bullshit is that? Where's the brighter side?