Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Butt-Crack Vandal Tags Over a Banksy!

M&F has named a few street artists, so we thought we'd take a crack at nameing this dude.

This guy just posted a series of himself tagging at Banksy's 'You Complete Me' piece.  The dude actually tagged 'My 1st Tag was a Bansy'.

Oh man.  M&F has said many times how the fame hounds who tag Banksy's pieces are not true writers and or taggers, or even artists.  They are doing it because the cannot build their own fame themselves. So riding on Banksy's coat tails is the best they can do.  Shame they have to ruin a Banksy in the process.

But the fact that this guy spelt Banksy's name wrong doesn't get any funnier!


  1. Do you really want to go through life as they guy that tagged a Banksy? To me, that's like going through life as Chris Brown, always known as the dude that beats women. You'll never escape that.

  2. If I saw him I would of kicked him. I hope Banksy does make it out to LA for a street Gallery, he "should" get much more respect out here. (as long as we lock skyler up in his room)