Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Was Banksy's Central Park Canvas Video ALSO Staged?!

Last week, Banksy turned the art world on its head when he sold authentic signed canvases, with a true value of tens of thousands of dollars, for only $60 apiece.  The stunt made front page worldwide news because only 8 canvases were sold.

But now, pics have just been released of Banksy's Warehouse, folks are wondering if the dude pictured above is the same dude seen in the video from Chicago who purchased 4 Banksy canvases.  Basically, people are wondering if Banksy staged the video?

This is not the first time that Banksy has staged work in New York.  Also, as far as we know, the dude in the video from Chicago has not yet stepped forward or came public--nor has anyone who knows him.  It seems extremely unlikely that the Chicago guy would not have been identified by now, if the purchase was legit.  And honestly, that picture of the dude on the roof does look very similar.

Was Banksy's Central Park sale staged?!

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