Friday, July 30, 2010

Kaiaspire-- Welcome to the World of Street Art

Kai gets introduced to the world of street art when unknown artist(s) took a bucket of red paint to the installation piece on the family wall.

Welcome the the world of street art.


  1. Well, I told you guys he would get dealt with. Last night, Kai hit the streets again and went over dozens of people's pieces.

    Later on, coming home from dinner, all those Morons ads were torn down. Seems everyone hates Kai.

    I smirked again in approval.

    Learn respect asshole.

  2. Ya now there is a "Where is the love?" tag on it.
    Probably he put it up. Perhaps he needs to ask him himself that before he disses everything out there.

  3. Hey Derek, Speak For Yourself Asshole. You Haters Make Me Laugh. You're Pathetic, You Know That. Hating On Someone Whose Doing What YOU CAN'T!! So, Do Me A Favor & Shut The Hell Up!! Don't Hate, Appreciate!!!!