Friday, July 23, 2010

Fresh Work from Alec

Fresh new work from Alec Street Artist.

Alec truly does keep it fresh. With a complete game of wheatpastes, paint, and stickers, this artist keeps decorating the streets with cool new characters and looks.

From the ground to the tops of buildings, Alec truly does get up. As the saying goes, if he got a nickel every time he passed go and got up, he would be a very, very rich man by now.

(Also featuring Noam Chomsky and Lotus flower from Free Humanity, T.Wat futbol paste, Lonely Girl and packman stencil (unkown artist), and Cali Killa rooftop stencil)

1 comment:

  1. Alecs art clearly isn't legit, it has absolutly no meaning its just a poster with an image, he copies ideas from Obey like the gun with flowers its a legit classic by Obey not by Alec
    most artist get shit for capping over other artists he just gets love? whats the about?
    he jsut needs to chill out cuz his "art" needs work