Thursday, July 29, 2010


One isn't born a street artist. This is made clear by Kaiaspire.

Kai is the son of Jungle Nutz who bequeathed Kai a prime wall on the family owned building just off Melrose. The big white canvas of a wall was a haven for street art and was always changing with fresh new art from some of the worlds top street artists. (earlier feature on wall )

When Kai assumed control of the wall he buffed the wall and kept it clean from other artists. In just under a year Kai has put up two massive installations on the wall--Marlboro themed 'Morons' and Blackberry themed 'Save Yourself'.

I've always felt that art is anything that gets people to view things in a different way. But Kai's work seems to aim for art while missing the mark completely. His installations are simply a mish-mash of tired cliche's slapped together like a high school art project. Yes Marlboro and Morons both start with 'M', does that make it art?-- MelroseandFairfax doesn't think so. Kai's work does not cause the viewer to see something in a new way as much as it tells them how he feels about something-and even that is unclear. Apparently people who smoke are morons and people who use a blackberry need to use caution? or something? Whatever. Viewing Kai's work is less looking at art and more like listening to an old person complain.

It is what it is, but recently Kai ventured off the parents porch and started putting up stickers and wheatpastes in the streets. The thing is, even though Kai was born into a family of street art, it is clear Kai has absolutely no idea what street art is about.

Kai has wandered around a few blocks close to the studio slapping stickers and wheatpastes over anyone. I have said it before, true artists make art. Hacks and haters try to make a name going over true artists and using that for leverage. The complete and haphazard manner that Kai has gone over all kinds of artists shows the true nature of where Kai is coming from--but his complete lack of awareness and knowledge of how the streets work is really fascinating--especially given Kai's 'street art' heritage. If Kai didn't like people painting on his family wall, well welcome to the world of street art where half the artists in the city will be aiming to cap his work.

With work that is so bland and uninspired, it is interesting that Kai chose a name like Kai-aspire. Hopefully he keeps aspiring to make something better because as of now Kai is packaged in his own label--Moron.


  1. I could not agree with you any more M&F. I saw him last night wearing a construction hat and vest at around 8pm on Beverly. He had the balls to go over SKULLPHONE, Destroy All Design, and Alec.

    I smirked when I saw this kid (really young looking and fat.). He looked so obvious it was a wonder he did not get rolled by the LAPD or other artists.

    Anyhow, he will get dealt with. Wait and see...LOL

  2. As they were painting Blackberry pieces, I played dumb and asked questions and they said told me that pieces were ads for blackberry, paid by them. It makes me wonder if the other Moron pieces are paid for as well, which would explain the placement without care.

    Even though the pieces seem anti the product, It's a way for advertisers to get there name out and in conversations.

  3. It is only a matter of time for advertiser to take over the wheat pasting business. Mark my words. They already took bus wrapping and ads on freeway signs from graff writers.

  4. Not defending Kai in anyway, covering legit artists is wack. Now with that being said I do understand his Moron's campaign. Phillip Morris was recently exposed for breaking child labor laws in Asia. That would in fact make them moron's. It's no where near the best idea I've ever seen, but it does make more sense than people are giving him credit for.

  5. Nevermind. I was giving that guy too much credit. I went to and read his description of the piece. Pretty weak.

  6. LOL.....Kai is a toy. He thinks by dissing other people's art, it'll make him famous. A lot of his wheatpasters were torn down last night. I wonder why?

  7. its been about a week since kai really hit the streets. he already has all of you hating on him.
    derek: seems liek you have some kind of person beef with him or something bc you keep commenting over and over, instead of hating so much reach out at him and help him out. you all seem to see that he is making the same mistake over and over why dont you help him fix so that there arent anymore problems. and the stickers come on i saw them on counters of some store on melrose so it was probably some ppl who just decided to post them up.

    and come on a bucket of red paint to his wall is fucked up that wall is hand painted that could have taken days to do. instead of being so rash help him out hes like a kid learning to ride a bike and he fell a couple of time give him a couple pointers so he doesnt fall again

  8. covering other art when there are plenty of other options, is lame of course. but like dude said, he's a kid. and a kid with balls. help him refocus his energy. teach him, and one day you'll probably have a highly respected artist that shares great things with the world.

  9. I see the work has affected a lot of people... no matter what it seems that he's saying that you smoke or you don't, you do art or you don't, it still makes you think in simple concepts, which in this case is Cigarettes are the cause of death and if you smoke them regardless of the warnings you are a Moron... I love it! I look forward to seeing more things from him simple or not.

  10. Instead of bashing artists why don't you grow balls and make street art yourself... then come writing on your idiotic blog about other artists.
    You guys should check him out now... much better than he used to be