Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At MOCA: 'The Piece That Can't Be Photographed' - UPDATE

MOCA allows photography throughout the 'Art In The Streets' exhibit, as long as it is done without a flash. But, for some reason, this pieces has a security guard stationed right in front of it to prevent people from taking pictures.

Not sure why pics are forbidden or what the full significance of the piece is. It is a classic vase that is tagged by Keith Haring, Haze, Basquiat, and others.

Enjoy these exclusive 'forbidden' pics.

***UPDATE: With an additional 'forbidden' pic of the other side sent in from our friend G***


  1. I took pix of this too. They want you to buy the catalog so they forbid photos. They also want you to exit through the gift shop. This is why you have to act first and ask for permission later. I love your rebellious side, M&F!

  2. Basquiat's "Joe Lewis" is not to be photographed either.

  3. i don't remember whats in the case outside from there but it is no no as well. I think it has something to do with permissions from donator.