Friday, May 4, 2012

Fresh Graffiti from Cope Buffed!?

New York graffiti legend Cope is back in Los Angeles, and he painted a fresh wall on Melrose yesterday. However, the art work has been buffed already? The buff is especially puzzling since Cope was given the green light by the property owners to paint the spot. It could have been the buff man who buffed this, but nothing else in the general area was painted over this morning, only Cope's wall. And someone else swung this morning by to say that Cope's piece wouldn't last anyway, since there was a tribute wall previously. There was a Kuzberg tribute piece at this spot last week, but it got buffed out prior to Cope's arrival and painting his letters. Anyone know what is happening with this wall? Cope was planning to do a collab with Buff Monster--hope that happens!

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