Friday, June 15, 2012

Ask For It! Earl Keeps Smashing

All the Girls Love Earl keeps getting up all over Los Angeles.  Here is a huge full color paste in the heart of downtown Los Angeles.

Next to a hand stencil with an 'R' from unknown artist.


  1. All of his locations and placements are awesome but his artwork is kinda lame (simple).No purpose(meaning) and all posters that u can buy at your local vintage store for 5 bucks.... Sick placements..

  2. then turn your eyes away oh enlightened one.

    its called re-purposing or reinterpretation as most artist do it in one form or another.

    humor seems to be the "meaning" in all of his work and the "simplicity" is the beauty of Earl's work but apparently you have not looked to close at all of his offerings lately, the dude is killing it.

    where's that vintage store i can by an Earl Lube poster for $5 bucks???


  3. absolutely love Earl's pieces. they are always extremely well designed. flawless. also love the consistently great placement. you've always been a huge influence to me.

    keep doin' what you're doin' Earl! killin' it!

  4. His style and placements are Fantastic. He is a Breath of Fresh Air on Melrose, and I can't wait to see where He will Hit next. I LOVE YOU EARL~!!!!!