Thursday, January 10, 2013

Death of a Stencil

Over time the cuts and holes that make up the image of a stencil will begin to fill and clog with paint.  This signifies the death of the stencil.

Teacher's 'Peace Through Paint' stencil has had a long productive life with over 40 sprays being utilized before it started clogging.  Here is the last street stencil of Teach's 'Peace Through Paint' stencil, with close up pics of how the paint is starting to fill in the screen.

Rest In Peace (and Paint!)~


  1. A very interesting method to stencil making. These look really cool sprayed with the screen texture, sort of like a screen print with spray paint.

    1. thank you sir!! the screen is fiberglass window screen you can get at most hardware stores. the paper i cut for stencils sticks to it with elmers glue really well. keeps everything in place and is good for quick moving street work. if the stencil is cleaned after a few uses it won't clog up like this one that i never cleaned. but i kinda like the pixiling effect for some pieces. i love your art and your efforts to connect with people on fb.