Friday, May 17, 2013

Teaching Graffiti at the LA Conservation Corp.

Bandit and Teacher visited the LA Conservation Corp. to give a demonstration on graffiti, stenciling, and street art techniques.

The LA Conservation Corp. is kind of a detention center for kids who get into trouble, and Teacher joked from the handstyle of some students that day that it was clear what they got into trouble for.

This session from Bandit and Teacher demonstrated how to make a stencil, and the goal is to help these kids find a way to channel their passion for art, and grow from 'vandalism' into an art career.

Dig it~  What an awesome way to help kids out.  Kids need more opportunities, and less punishments, and its great that Bandit and Teacher provided an opportunity through the some punishment.

Click the jump for more action shots from the LA Conservation Corp.  Stay up!


  1. The lacc is not a detention center for kids who get into trouble. It's an organization serving at-risk youth, 18-24, who want to earn their hs diploma and work in environmentally friendly jobs. It's voluntary, not mandated. Just saying.

  2. Opportunites are all over the place--what kids need are the right upbringing, supervision, discipline, integrity, and a positive atmosphere. Punishments are only given if you break the rules--so DON'T break the rules!!! Be respectful to others, handle your responsibilities, study, and participate in legal activities. Opportunities will present themselves--Kids here in America are so spoiled--stop with the "entitlement attitude," and just be a good person.