Monday, June 3, 2013

Beautify Lincoln

Lincoln Blvd has been described as one of the ugliest streets in the world.  Its not really that bad, but for all the West Siders who like things plush, Lincoln can be an eyesore.

In an attempt to change Lincoln Blvd. from an place of run down ruin into a prettier place, Evan Meyer has initiated an endeavor called 'Beautify Lincoln'.  The goal is to find dilapidated walls on Lincoln Blvd, and then matching the walls up with artists to paint them.

Meyer says that the project is win/win/win because the community looks better, the walls are free to the businesses (which they love), and the artists love the exposure.  We also dig that Meyer calls the streets "the best gallery in the world".  It is a line that we have used many times, and firmly stand by it.

This mural below has been painted on Tommy's Burger on Lincoln by Hans Haveron.

Very cool.  Every neighborhood could use a project like Beautify Lincoln.  Stay up and keep beautifying!~

***Big thanks to M&F Contributor BILBAU for sending in the pics, and the story!***

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  1. What happened to that mural? The building is gone.