Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Livin in LA - Vacation in Carlsbad

Carlsbad has arguably become M&F's favorite local vacation spot near Los Angeles.

Perhaps it is the blend of the chill beach town community vibes mixed with good friends like Snyder, but Carlsbad is the ultimate vacation spot nearby Los Angeles.  (M&F enjoys Carlsbad so much we have fantasies about moving there!).  But for now, Carlsbad is just a rad vacation destination~

Pictured above, Snyder has an ongoing battle with some neighborhood crows, and the above shot is a mock shot of Snyder stomping a crow.  Of course, Snyder would never actually hurt a crow and found it in this flattened condition, but Snyder does love to huck a water balloon or a few at a noisy murder of crows.

Click the jump for a huge pictorial view of M&F's vacation in Carlsbad.

^The view of the Carlsbad beach from the above boardwalk.

^Shasta enjoying the view above a Carlsbad beautiful lagoon.

^Pelicans in formation--they were all over the place!

^The porpoises swam by to say hi.

 ^M&F and friends enjoying the Carlsrad Sunset.

 ^Snyder and his beautiful fiance taking in the sunset.

^A school of porpoises swimming near the beach to the right.

^The Carlsbad decorative yard, which now has been changed to a theme of graduation.

^Welcome to Cardiff by the Sea~

^Another gorgeous sunset.

^Smiling Shasta wearing shades!

 ^Yup, Shasta says Carlsbad is the good life.

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