Friday, June 14, 2013

Zenka - Participatory Street Art for the Digital Age

This spot on Melrose had been getting hit with changing graffiti and street art, but its right next to some street level adds so we weren't sure what to think when a new mural showcasing crazy futuristic shoes from showed up.  Is this art? or is it an add?

Turns out that Zenko is all about the art.  On their website, they describe their mission as Participatory Street Art for the Digital Age.  This installation is just one example of their street endeavors which include stars for everyday people on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, to planking paste ups mosaics in Washington DC.  Pretty sure that Zenka also placed the 3d molded ceramic 'bug' next to Swoon's previously posted piece downtown.

Dig it.  Its great to see art that is really playing around with people's perceptions in multiple forms of media.

Stay up!

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