Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Another Banksy Gets Harvested from the Streets for Sale

Against all odds, Banksy's Garden Girl is going up for sale . . .

The Huffington Post is reporting that Banksy's Garden Girl plans to go for sale at auction, and that this will be the first Banksy .  The auction house expects this piece to sell for at least $150,000.

. . . maybe.

To put this piece into context, M&F was the first to report when Banksy's Garden Girl got uncovered from a layer of plywood, and then, 6 months later when the piece got covered by plexiglass.   At the time M&F titled one of the post's 'Banksy's Garden Girl Isn't Going Anywhere'.  In that feature, we pointed out how this piece is 10+ feet tall.  It was painted on a wall with cracked chipping paint that will undoubtedly crack and crumble if disturbed.  Furthermore, the wall itself is cracked with a lip of more than a half inch jutting out from the rest of the piece.  We thought at the time that this piece would never be moved because no matter what method of extraction is employed, the painting with certainly be damaged.

This Garden Girl stencil riding on La Brea is one of the last remaining Banksy's in Los Angeles, and not only would it be sad to lose this piece from the streets, but without a doubt, the for sale piece will be compromised.  

Will this sell?  Guess we will wait and see.  Someone can buy a piece of this Banksy wall, but how much is a broken piece worth?

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